We are all living in a circumstance where anxiety, stress, and doubt are a constant. Regardless of what we do, these things will remain constant for at least some time in the future. This does not mean that there is nothing we can do.

Vigilance and a heightened sense of awareness are a necessity for survival and well-being in a time like this. However, we want you to go beyond mere survival and be able to live meaningfully. We would not put ourselves on the front lines if we were not confident that we can protect our team members and offer the same level of protection to those we serve.

At Valley Dental Care, we have focused all our efforts on enabling our patients to refocus on their lives by taking on the professional responsibility of keeping you safe when you come to our offices for dental care.

The doctors and our team of providers have invested a lot of time and learning into updating our knowledge and practice protocol during the shelter in place.

COVID-19 Protocol Updates

In order to provide efficient, safe, and cost effective care, we kindly request patients to cooperate with regards to the protocols and policies of the office.

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To allay the fears of our patients, we have implemented a number of protocols backed by science. We will be continuing to evolve as more information becomes available to us. The protocol we already have in place begins the moment you decide to step into the office and continues to keep you safe while you receive care and even beyond that. The current protocol is as follows:

Due to these circumstances that force us to extend the appointment length and simultaneously limit the number of patients, it will be financially burdensome to the practice if patients no show.

We kindly ask our patients to honor their scheduled appointments in order to provide cost-efficient and quality care.

At Valley Dental Care, we firmly believe in the collective efforts of humanity in this country and all over the world. We believe that we will come out better and stronger in the end. Meanwhile, we are cautiously optimistic in the short term. We believe that every danger brings with it an opportunity that can bring out the very best in us. We are embracing the new normal and intend to be leaders — to come out on top for the dental community and humanity as a whole.