Whiter and Brighter

We have the newest technology for whitening your teeth. The process is safe and effective as long as your teeth and gums are healthy. Whitening is not advised for those with gum disease or unhealthy teeth. The equipment and solutions used could cause further damage, so before asking about whitening, let’s make sure your teeth are healthy.

Whitening may occur in or out of office. In office whitening is the most effective, and yields results faster.

In Office

The in office whitening procedure takes approximately one hour. A protective shield is placed over your gums and the whitening bleach is applied to the teeth. This solution is of a different strength than over-the-counter products. A light or laser may be used to accelerate and accentuate the process. You will notice immediate results.

At Home

We can create a whitening kit, customized for you, to use at home. By making a mold of your teeth, a plastic try is produced. The whitening product supplied by our office is placed in the trays, inserted into the mouth, and held in place for the predetermined amount of time. Results are not instant. This process may take up to two weeks for maximum whitening.

Either whitening process can be repeated if the teeth become discolored or stained again.