Dr. Satish Gottumukkula

Dr. Satish has observed first-hand the devastating effects of poor dental health primarily caused by poor nutrition and exacerbated by limited access to dental care and education. Even at the young age of fourteen he recognized these conditions within his own family, specifically with his grandmother’s struggles, and the subsequent effects to her overall health. He knew he wanted to ensure that others were not similarly impacted. He was further motivated by the stories of his great grandfather who was loved by the community and recognized as a very compassionate doctor that served rural communities that lacked both proper education and access to health care. Dr. Satish was emotionally moved during summer visits to his village listening to the villager’s praises who revered his great grandfather.

Inspired by his experiences, Dr. Satish graduated as a Dentist in 1992 at the young age of 23 achieving the top rank (Gold medal honors) among three regionally linked dental schools. Knowing what inspired him, he started his practice in rural India in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh for 3 years. Focusing on a patient-centered approach, he provided top-level dental services coupled with proper prevention and nutrition instruction to ensure long-term health benefits. He was happy to know that he was having such a positive impact. His practice was growing with many returning patients, but he wanted to push himself to do more.

Dr. Satish subsequently moved to Boston in 1997 to enhance his technical knowledge, graduating from Boston University school of Dentistry in 1999 from the Advanced Standing Program (ASP). In Boston he realized that he had a real passion for applying the latest technological advances of dentistry and incorporating them into his comprehensive, multidisciplinary patient centered approach, which he applied in India.

Utilizing his newfound knowledge, Dr. Satish worked within practices in Boston and Cape Cod until 2004, taking on a large workload. Continuing his drive to be technologically up-to-date, he con-currently studied Dental Implants and Advanced Bone Grafting for a period of 2 years (2001-2003) at New York University School of Dentistry as a part time student. He was becoming an experienced, top-notch practitioner at the forefront of the dental arts.

Wanting to start his own practice, Dr. Satish moved to Aurora, IL in 2005 and established Valley Dental Care. At Valley Dental Care, he was able to take direct control and apply his passion for dentistry by molding the environment to meet his vision. He implemented a very strong prevention education program that instructs on basic health needs and prevention of dental disease through communicating his hard-earned experience and utilizing the latest technology and practices like minimally invasive laser dentistry to minimize discomfort when treating cavities and some gum procedures.

To ensure that Valley Dental Care stays at the forefront of dental practices, Dr. Satish continuously stays on top of the latest recommended practices. He completed his Orthodontic certification in 2012, which harmonizes the concepts of face and teeth beauty and has also studied non-extraction orthodontics – originally mainstreamed in Europe and gaining acceptance in the US. In addition, taking specific cosmetic and surgical courses and participating in conferences have given him a comprehensive skill set to tailor solutions to his patients’ needs when considering their health, social and phycological needs.

Valley Dental Care is equipped to meet the expectations of a new generation of patients seeking efficient, comfortable and affordable dental services. Dr. Satish combines his experience (gained over 20 years of service) with the application of the latest modern methods to provide the patient with the best solutions, convenience and comfort. Dr. Satish takes pride in carefully listening to the needs and expectations of his patients while ensuring the practice goals align all while striving for excellence and integrity. Dr. Satish looks forward to serving you and your family.