Prescreening & Appointment Protocol Updates

  1. Patients will be prescreened and given a detailed questionnaire when they call in to make an appointment. We will ask them to upload pictures or video call so that we can give them an appropriate evaluation to determine the length of appointments and cost breakdowns. This will minimize nonclinical time spent in the office environment and minimize risk of exposure.
  2. Scheduling will be broken down into three categories: emergency based, immediate need-based, and future elective/want based.
  3. Patient flow will be triaged and streamlined. Time will be scheduled for emergencies and only one patient will be scheduled at a time in order for care to be focused, efficient, and safe.
  4. Emergency patients will be seen on the same day or within twenty-four hours of contacting our office (to the best of our ability).

In-Office Treatment Protocol Updates

  1. There will be safe zones established in the office. Furthermore, social distancing norms will be practiced during interactions between the front office and patients through barriers and the digitization of treatment options.
  2. Disinfectant wipes and solutions will be placed in several locations throughout the office so that patients can sanitize as they feel is necessary. Additionally, we will continuously wipe down and clean high traffic areas.
  3. Air purifiers will be placed strategically throughout the entire office to monitor, provide quality air, and trap viruses/bacteria.
  4. Patients will be treated with new, negative pressure systems that will minimize aerosols and debris. These Isolite vacuum systems are the best in the market.
  5. Staff will wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that covers them from head to toe. They will use disposables and follow enhanced autoclaving protocols backed by current science to completely eliminate cross-contamination.
  6. We have invested heavily in the latest technology to provide same day Emergency Dentistry as well as complete comprehensive dental care. Our entire practice is equipped to do most complex dental work in one appointment instead of over the course of several weeks.
  7. Our same-day dentistry approach utilizes innovative technologies such as customized, in-office crowns made within an hour, digital scans in place of traditional impression materials, and clear aligners instead of traditional braces. This also gets rid of labs and referrals.

Follow-Up Care Protocol Updates

  1. Follow-up appointments will be pre-booked with cost estimates and payments taken care of.
  2. Postoperative concerns will be addressed over the phone through telemedicine when feasible.

In order to provide efficient, safe, and cost effective care, we kindly request patients to cooperate with regards to the protocols and policies of the office.