What is PlanScan® Technology?

By using the PlanScan® system by Planmeca, we can scan your teeth digitally. This provides us with a very detailed digital image on the computer so that we can see all of the minute details of your teeth. When providing restorative dentistry, using PlanScan allows us to make prosthetics, such as partial dentures, with greater accuracy than ever.

This device is very fast and painless. No more biting into molds for you! A simple sweep around the mouth with the precision tool and we have everything we need.

Even better than the fast, convenient exam is the evolution of same-day dentistry. That’s right. No more getting a temporary crown until your new one is created in a lab. No more waiting. No more extra visits to the dentist. By using the PlanScan system, we are able to design, create, and place your crown or other restoration in a matter of a couple of hours. One visit and you’re done.

The PlanScan® Process

You may wonder how we can possibly take the uncomfortable two day restoration process and decrease it to a mere two hours. It is all part of the technology. We are able to easily import the details of your teeth and bite into the system and use the data to define the exact prosthetic device we want. It will fit perfectly because the design will have been created from 3D imaging software. The 3D images provided by the PlanScan are used with software on our computers for actually creating our own 3D image of the prosthetic we wish to create.

Once the restoration is planned, we send it to our e.Mill® system. The mill takes the data imported from the PlanScan and the dentist’s input for the restoration. From there, the dentist may add information about the type of material to be used for the restoration, and the color of the tooth. The dentist clicks “send to mill” and your prosthetic is on the way to being created in the PlanMill.

At the PlanMill, the dentist checks the material, shade, and orientation so that the restoration is correctly created. The restoration is milled within an hour or so, depending upon the size and complexity of the restoration.

Once milled, we can take the newly milled restoration, which has been designed exactly for your mouth with more specification than ever, and begin the application process. Usually this is unable to be performed before your second visit. The crown or other restoration fits perfectly and matches your teeth. The restoration is undetectable.

We are very excited to be able to provide this technology to our patients. By using the PlanScan® to easily and accurately scan your teeth and the e.Mill to import the data, along with the PlanMill to create the restoration, we are going to save you time in the dental chair. You’ll also have a more accurate crown, designed by your dentist, to fit your mouth exactly. Goodbye two day restorations! Hello CAD/CAM technology!