Dr. Samantha Kothapalli

Dr. Samantha Kothapalli has been practicing dentistry for 13 years with her DMD from Boston University. She has done extensive research in Oral Pathology and Oral Cancer.

Dr. Samantha is very passionate about incorporating the latest and the best technology in dentistry for the benefit of the patients. She is constantly attending continuing education seminars and seeking out the most advanced Digital options with the goal of digitizing the entire office to increase patient comfort ,and the same time reduce cost and time to the patient. Dr. Samantha is very aware of doing her part on reducing the Impact on the environment. Her consideration to incorporate the latest technology to replace or add to the practice bears heavily on whether it reduces the environmental impact greatly or not.

She strives everyday to establish a close connection with the patients she treats, continuously counseling and fostering great oral and overall health habits helping the families, with personal and detailed attention to prevention and early treatment. She is committed to giving back to the community she serves by believing and helping one family at a time to attain the best Oral and Overall health. Her motto is “prevention better than cure”. She does this by spending a lot of time getting to know the patients on a personal level and patiently counseling and motivating and empowering them by education and information that is tailored to every single patient and family.

Dr. Samantha is an avid traveler, enjoys exploring and understanding various cultures—nationally and internationally—that help her to better serve her patients.