At Valley Dental Care, we strive to continuously bring you the best available dental technology to optimize your dental care. This is why we are proud to incorporate Dentsply Sirona into our practice. This cutting-edge intraoral scanning equipment allows us to streamline our Digital Implant workflow as well as our orthodontic practices. With 35 years of experience, Dentsply Sirona has a proven track record in successfully merging patient data with 3D images.

What Does This Mean?

With this unique approach, we are able to take more precise and accurate images prior to your surgical or orthodontic procedures. With even clearer images and scans, we can provide you with even better results!

Digital Implants & Surgery: How is it Done?

While traditional dental implant methods often dictate that we place the implant prior to designing the prosthetic, this new technology allows us to turn this procedure on its head. Now, using 3D imaging, we can design your ideal prosthetic and create a custom surgical guide to safely and accurately insert your new implant.

By using a pre-determined surgical guide with advanced, accurate imaging software, we are able to do same-day implants and teeth, when appropriate. With these immediate results, patients can walk out of their procedure with a smile.

Digital & Green Dentistry: What Does This Mean?

At Valley Dental Care, we are actively minimizing our environmental waste to do our part and reduce our impact on the climate. To do so, we are continuously acquiring new technology and updating our practice workflow. As a result, we are able to carefully digitize the practice in order to improve patient care and provide better results.

How Do We Do This?

Since the inception of our practices in 2005, we have gradually digitized our processes to eliminate waste and streamline your visits. Our practice has incorporated digital charts and diagnostic equipment to revolutionize your dentistry experience. We even provide smart tablets for our patients to fill out their questionnaires and health information.

In 2014, we also moved away from using rubber and plastic impressions that are traditionally utilized to make the materials and models for fabricating crowns. We embraced digital impressions, on-site design and fabrication, and smile reconstruction, in addition to digitizing our workflow for dental implants procedures and braces.

Now, to further reduce our carbon footprint, we’ve also eliminated shipping and packaging waste. We hope to continue utilizing these advanced technologies to replace disposable plastic waste in the very near future as well.

Our Future Goals

We are now directing our efforts toward minimizing plastic disposable waste by incorporating autoclavable surgical and non-surgical equipment—similar to hospital settings—whenever possible.

We are currently looking into providing Digital Dentures in the near future and onsite 3D printing of certain materials to continue reducing our carbon footprint. We will update you soon and look forward to helping create healthy, beautiful smiles for all our current and future patients in our Digital and Green Minded practice.

“Your Reason to Smile”
A Truly Digital & Green-minded Practice!