The Benefits of Clear Aligners for Orthodontic Treatment

Dental patient holding up aligner tray

Orthodontic treatment has evolved beyond cumbersome metal braces. Clear aligners now offer a sleek, effective alternative, transforming how people achieve perfect smiles. Nearly 14.5 million people worldwide have used clear aligners, showcasing their growing popularity and success.

Clear aligners offer numerous benefits, making them appealing to teens and adults who want to improve their dental health and smile.

What are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are custom-made transparent trays that fit firmly over your teeth. They are made from medical-grade thermoplastic, ensuring they are safe, durable, and comfortable.

Systems like Invisalign, ClearCorrect, and Six Month Smiles use advanced 3D imaging technology to create a series of aligners that are switched out once a week or every two weeks. These trays apply gentle pressure to teeth, gradually shifting them into the desired position over time.

After 12 to 18 months of treatment, a retainer is usually required to maintain your new smile.

6 Benefits of Clear Aligners

Clear aligners provide numerous advantages over traditional braces, making them popular for orthodontic treatment. Here are some of the top benefits:

  • Aesthetic appeal. Traditional braces use noticeable wires and metal brackets, while clear aligners are nearly invisible, making them a discreet orthodontic alternative for teens and adults.
  • Comfort. Made from smooth plastic, clear aligners reduce the mouth irritation often caused by metal braces. Custom-fitted to your teeth, they ensure a tight, comfortable fit without sharp edges or protruding wires.
  • Convenience. Clear aligners must be worn for just 22 hours a day to be effective. This removability allows you to eat, drink, brush, and floss as usual. Unlike traditional braces, there are no dietary restrictions, so you can enjoy your favorite foods without worrying about damaging your trays.
  • Improved oral hygiene. Gum inflammation and gingivitis are common with metal braces due to the difficulty of cleaning around brackets and wires. Clear aligners can be removed, making oral hygiene simpler. With no brackets or wires to navigate, the risk of plaque buildup, cavities, and gum disease is reduced, keeping teeth and gums healthier throughout treatment.
  • Predictable results. Advanced 3D imaging technology plans the entire treatment, allowing you to see a virtual representation of the expected outcome before starting. This provides a clear understanding of the process and the result.
  • Fewer office visits. While you’ll need an initial fitting, clear aligners require fewer adjustment appointments than traditional braces.

Who is Not a Candidate for Clear Aligners?

While clear aligners can benefit both adult and teenage patients, not all people are candidates for clear aligners. These tray-based systems treat mild to moderate malocclusions and orthodontic issues. However, if you have one of the following conditions, metal braces may be more suitable:

  • Severe malocclusions. Complex overbites, underbites, and crossbites often require more precise control than clear aligners can provide.
  • Complex tooth movements. Clear aligners may not be effective for cases requiring significant tooth rotation or vertical movement.
  • Severe tooth crowding. Extreme crowding may need traditional braces, which can exert more force to move teeth.
  • Multiple missing teeth. Missing teeth can affect the fit and function of aligners, making traditional orthodontics a better choice.

Take the First Step Towards a Straighter Smile

The Valley Dental Care team uses state-of-the-art technology to design clear aligner systems tailored to your needs, whether you’re looking for a subtle change or a complete transformation.

Don’t wait to take the first step towards a straighter, more confident smile. Schedule a consultation with Valley Dental Care today and discover how clear aligners can work for you.