5 Reasons You’ll Love Same-Day Crowns!

If you need to get a crown on your tooth, but are dreading the long, uncomfortable process of getting it placed, then we have good news for you! At Valley Dental Care, we now offer the PlanScan® system. This innovative new technology allows us to create and place your crowns within just two hours! To … Continued

Halloween is Coming! How to Protect Your Teeth from Candy and Cavities

With Halloween just around the corner, it seems like there is a never-ending supply of candy at school, at the office, and everywhere in between. It's easy to mindlessly munch on something sweet when it's put before you, but all of those tasty treats will eventually take a toll on not just your waistline, but … Continued

Everything You Need to Know About Veneers

There are multiple components that come together to help us remain confident and feel our best. We pride ourselves on our accomplishments, take care to exercise and keep our bodies healthy, and we carefully curate our wardrobes to exude the image we want to portray. Unfortunately for many of us, however, a crooked or imperfect … Continued

4 Reasons to Love Invisalign

We all want to look and feel our best, and we go to great lengths to keep ourselves healthy and attractive. From eating our veggies to going to the gym regularly, there are many ways we can help keep ourselves in top shape. When it comes to our smiles, diligent brushing and routine dental visits … Continued