5 Reasons You’ll Love Same-Day Crowns!

Dental Crowns Oswego

If you need to get a crown on your tooth, but are dreading the long, uncomfortable process of getting it placed, then we have good news for you! At Valley Dental Care, we now offer the PlanScan® system. This innovative new technology allows us to create and place your crowns within just two hours! To create your crown, we simply take a scan to create a 3-D digital image of your mouth and bite. Then, we design the new device right at your chairside and send it over to our in-office milling system. Before you know it, you’ll be walking out of our office with a brand new bite. Read on to learn how this state-of-the-art technology and speedy process will change the game when it comes to creating your crowns.

1. Greater Accuracy

With PlanScan technology, we can create crowns that will fit your mouth perfectly. This is because, with precise in-office scanning and milling technology, we can create your devices while you’re sitting right next to us! We’ll take everything from your bite pattern to the contours of your natural tooth into account while designing your device to ensure a more accurate, comfortable fit.

2. No More Dental Putty

If you’ve had crowns before, then you know the total discomfort that comes with biting into dental putty to get an accurate mold of your bite. Thankfully, these molds are a thing of the past! Now, we can take a quick scan of your mouth using a precision tool to create a 3D image of your mouth and get everything we need. This means the process of getting your crown is easy, relaxed, and putty-free!

3. Save Time

We know you don’t want to spend two of your valuable vacation days sitting in a dentist’s office. With same-day crowns, we can design, create, and place your crown within a matter of hours—not days! Just one visit, and you can walk out of our office with your smile feeling like new.

4. No More Temporary Restorations

What’s another major perk of getting your crowns in just two hours? No more temporary restorations! After designing your device, we simply send it straight to our in-office milling system to create your crown right then and there. This means you won’t have to go home with a temporary restoration, which can often be uncomfortable, ill-fitting, and aesthetically displeasing. You can go home with your real device the same day and be ready to show off your beautiful new smile!

5. Your Restorations Look and Feel Better!

One of the greatest benefits of same-day crowns is that they look and feel better than traditional restorations. With the PlanScan system, we can design your new crown right in front of you. This allows us to check the color, shape, and orientation of your new device so it blends in perfectly with your surrounding teeth. With same-day crowns, you can rest assured that you will leave our office with a device that fits comfortably and looks natural!

The PlanScan system has changed the way that we make dental crowns. To see these benefits in action and get your beautiful new device in just a few hours, call Valley Dental Care in Aurora or Oswego today to schedule your appointment!