Am I Grinding My Teeth at Night? Signs and Symptoms

Am I Grinding My Teeth at Night? Signs and Symptoms

Have you ever been concentrating on something, maybe at work or school, and suddenly noticed that you were grinding your teeth? Have you ever woken up with a sore mouth and jaw? If so, you’re probably one of the many people out there suffering from some form of bruxism – aka teeth grinding. Don’t panic: … Continued

Five Tips to Keep Your Child’s Mouth Healthy During Candy Season

It's that time of the year again: pumpkins are displayed on porches, kids are excitedly picking out costumes, and retailers are advertising countless types of candy. Halloween is right around the corner. While children daydream about filling their baskets with candy on that special night, parents often dread the inevitable sugar high that follows trick-or-treating. … Continued

Five Tips to Help You Save Money on Dental Care

Even though research has shown that oral health is closely linked to the overall health of the body, countless adults avoid stepping foot into a dentist's office unless they're in severe pain. While many cite anxiety as the primary reason they stay far away from the dentist, others give another reason for their avoidance: money. … Continued

The Facts about Flossing

This August, the US Department of Health and Human Services removed “flossing” from its list of recommended health practices. Since then, sources such as the New York Times, The Daily News, and the BBC have published articles famously questioning the efficacy of the famously under appreciated hygiene method. Although there is no doubt that news … Continued

Avoid Tooth Decay With Sugar-free Gum!

There was once in a time in American society when chewing gum in public was considered bad manners. While we do not recommend that you arrive at your after-lunch business meeting smacking on a big wad of bubble gum, it may be in your best interest to pop a small piece of sugar-free gum into … Continued