3 Benefits of Same-Day Crowns

Dental crowns on a blue background

When it comes to dental treatments, many people dread the thought of multiple appointments, temporary crowns, and long wait times for permanent restorations. These problems can be resolved with same-day crowns.

Same-day crowns are dental restorations that can be completed in just one appointment. Instead of the traditional two-visit process of taking impressions, creating a temporary crown, and then returning for a permanent restoration, same-day crowns allow the entire process to be completed in a single visit.

Not only do same-day crowns save time, but they also offer several other benefits. From increased comfort to cost savings, same-day crowns are quickly becoming a preferred restoration for many patients.

1. Time-Saving and Convenient

The traditional process of getting a crown typically involves two separate appointments. At the first appointment, your dentist preps the tooth, takes impressions of the tooth, and places a temporary crown.

The second appointment is scheduled a few days later to remove the temporary crown and place the permanent restoration. With same-day crowns, the entire process is completed within a couple of hours using on-site state-of-the-art digital technology.

2. Comfort and Appearance

In the traditional crown process, patients are required to wear a temporary crown for several days before the permanent restoration is placed. These temporary crowns are often ill-fitting, can cause discomfort and sensitivity, and can even become dislodged.

This step is eliminated when you get a same-day crown. So no more messy putty impressions or stainless steel temporary crowns. Instead, your dentist uses a scanning wand to make a digital impression of the tooth. The data is sent to CAD/CAM software, so your dental crown can be milled from a block of ceramic that matches your tooth color for a custom fit and a seamless smile.

A same-day crown also looks more natural than its traditional counterpart. Research suggests this is because there is no dark metal core to interrupt light transmission, so the crown resembles the surrounding teeth.

3. Cost

The cost of getting dental crowns depends on the practice’s location, the materials used, and your insurance. Although the cost for same-day and traditional crowns is similar, same-day crowns can save you money by reducing the need for additional appointments and treatments. Traditional crowns can sometimes require adjustments, adding extra cost to the treatment.

Same-day crowns are made using advanced digital technology and are long-lasting. CAD/CAM same-day crowns have a five-year survival rate of 91.6%, compared with 40.6% for glass ionomer ceramics and 91.2% for zirconia dental crowns. This can help reduce the need for repairs or replacements, saving you money in the long term.

At Valley Dental Care, we’ve partnered with CareCredit® to offer an affordable financing option that allows you to repay the cost of same-day crowns using a CareCredit® healthcare credit card.

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